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"Man is part of nature and not something that is in contradiction to it."

Bertrand Russell 1970, Nobel prize for literature 1950, writer, mathematician & philosopher.


HCR Therapy uses the accumulation of healing-powers in ideal homeopathic combinations to activate the body-own repair system.


1. Activation of the body’s-own Repair mechanisms, most likely also DNA, which are responsible for the production and activation of all our proteins/enzymes required to live a healthy life.

2. When all these proteins/enzymes are present, all pathogens (Viruses, Fungi, Bacteria and Parasites) can no longer survive and die off, because there is no longer the needed breeding ground present to live and thrive in.

"Living cells have evolved a series of enzymatic systems that repair DNA damage in a variety of ways. Failure of these systems can lead to a higher mutation rate. A number of human diseases can be attributed to defects in the DNA repair . . ." (Griffiths, A. J. F. , Miller, J. H., Suszuki, D. T., Lewontin, R. C., Gelbart, W. M., Genetic Analysis, Sixth Ed., 1997,"DNA-repair")."

3. Allergies and sensitivities disappear considering that all symptoms are caused by toxins of pathogens.

4. Toxins and metabolic waste products are slowly eliminated. (Toxins cause the symptoms. Every pathogen produces toxins and viruses produce toxins when dying off!)

5. Elimination of metabolic disorders such as disorders of the digestive system, in mineral utilization, energy production and others. The toxins produced by pathogens interfere with our chemical circuits and can create chain reactions.

6. Your body maintains a healthy state. You will require a simple maintenance program involving a mineral-vitamin supplement to help eliminate and neutralize toxins better. Minerals and vitamins are used up by any detoxification process and they should be replenished. Our food supply might not contain what is needed and there are more environmental pollutants now we must fight off.

Your tolerance to new infections is increased, and new issues will not emerge unless your tolerance is exceeded e.g. high amounts of toxins, high environmental stress, radioactivity etc..


Homeopathic remedies can be made from any substance; they are highly diluted/potentized and contain just a few molecules of the substance they are made of. They induce specific reactions without poisoning the body. There cannot be allergic reactions and side effects because the extremely low concentration of molecules present in the dilution are not poisonous even when drinking the solution in high amounts. While toxins shut down and block systemic functions, homeopathic remedies activate them, even if made from a toxic substance. There can only be a normalizing "reaction". The remedy either works or does nothing Unphysiological reactions cannot be induced. Waste products from died off pathogens are eliminated by the body’s own mechanisms.

A BRIEF EXPLANATION (A highly simplified overview)

1. The body has complex Repair-mechanisms, also for DNA. Because of an overload of toxins (from germs and environment), these mechanisms are blocked. Toxins and radioactivity are causing damages/blockages also on DNA and epigenetics, which are responsible for the development of illnesses, also cancer. Homeopathic remedies do not kill any germs or repair damage directly, the remedies send messages, or signals, to the system to act.

2. The body’s DNA consists of two strands with two times 23 chromosomes, and approximately 60,000 genes. Every gene is responsible for one or more enzymes/proteins. The genes send the messages, and the ribosomes manufacture the enzymes/proteins according to the request. The very complicated interconnected circuits of all proteins keep up the body's symbiotic functions. In a balanced system no illness causing pathogens can thrive. One missing enzyme can cause a malfunction in the system and can turn our good microbes into virulent pathogens. Viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites are present everywhere in our environment in very large varieties and amounts. In a balanced, healthy system non of it can survive and thrive.

3. DNA-blockages/damages are caused by toxins and radioactivity. They also can be passed down from our ancestors over generations. Every individual is born with a variety of DNA-blockages/damages. Through the years of life new damages will occur and add on. As more damages accumulate, more pathogens find a breading ground to thrive. Pathogens need a source of energy like all living things do. They eat and excrete. They deplete us of nutrients and produce toxins. The more there is, the more severe is the disease. There always is a combination, a variety of blockages/damages leading to illnesses and syndromes.

4. The defence systems are backup systems. When invaders, pathogens, toxins or other foreign substances enter the system and find a good breading ground, the defence mechanisms are getting active. As soon as blockages etc. are eliminated/repaired, messages go through and the required proteins will be manufactured again. The internal environment changes back to normal, pathogens cannot survive in that environment and die. The defence -and detoxification mechanisms must clean up the waste products.

5. When all the required enzymes/proteins are present, no pathogens can live, no new illnesses can start.

6. Learn to recognize symptoms; listen to your body. Symptoms is body language, telling you that something is wrong in your system. Healthy people do not have symptoms. Work on your health until you have no symptoms and you have reached the state of complete health. Remember – we are not created to get sick; we are made not to get sick. Therefore, we are equipped with so many protective and defense mechanisms.

7. Trust the incredible power of our homeopathic remedies, of HOMEOPATHY, to restore your health.

A note from the Canadian Cancer Research Group:
"Orthomolecular Diagnosis and Management: Orthomolecular Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Clinical Cancer Immunology is underwritten by the fact that all organisms are comprised of DNA scripted chemistry that is metabolized through various organ systems. When an organism possesses the requisite optimal chemistry that is competently metabolized, that organism has the ability to be parasitic upon a phenomena that is natural and common to all species; damaged cells or malignant cells. When an organism loses its' requisite chemistry or metabolic competency, it becomes vulnerable to a host of parasitic phenomena such as bacterial or viral infection or cancer. In spite of the fact that modern medicine has made great gains in its' ability to kill cancer cells, data continues to demonstrate that in 93% of all cases the cancer returns. That is, the lifetime survival rate for cancer over the past 100 years has remained almost constant at approximately 7%. However, through more contemporary research and more rational interpretation and understanding, successes in cancer treatment appear to be directly related to shifting the focus of treatment from the tumour(s) to the host (patient); to the tumour-host relationship."