There are a great variety of defense systems in the human body. Aside from the defense systems there are 50 different DNA repair mechanisms that have been discovered thus far. There is even a system that kicks in after the basic repairs are done, it is called the post-replication-recombination-system. It can eliminate gaps in the DNA which have escaped the primary repair systems. The assortment of chemicals in the environment and an increased stressful lifestyle has interrupted the natural balance of the body. They have immobilized the DNA repair systems.

Think of the body like the ecosystem. When herbicides are submitted to the environment the balance is thrown off. Certain types of insects and plants thrive while others disappear. With continuous application of chemicals nature will never again be able to correct itself. Unlike nature that is continuously bombarded with chemicals, the body can be forced to repair itself. Using even more chemicals however cannot do this. A natural, non-toxic force is needed that will return balance to the system. The Eco-system cannot be repaired either by using even more chemicals.

Homeopathy is a provocation-activation-treatment that can cause a reaction in the body. The task of the Freitag Homeopathic Combinations is to activate the body's own repair systems (presumably the dna is repaired), returning the body into a healthy environment where no pathogens can survive. In this case the pathogens would not have to be killed with chemicals but die on their own. After elimination of pathogens and toxins, the body is able to heal and regenerate. Using concentrated herbal extracts, even certain teas, always contain toxic components. Freitag Homeopathic combinations are potentized to D12. This provides a provocative effect without being toxic. Freitag Homeopathics Herbal combinations can be used to eliminate great amounts of deposited toxins and pathogens.

During a lifetime a variety of DNA damages is accumulated. Increasing amounts of diseases are now known as genetic diseases, for example: kidney cell carcinoma (a deletion on chromosome 3), colon and rectal cancer (a deletion on chromosome 5), brain tumor and a variety of other cancers is a deletion on chromosome 9 with suppressor gene 1 and 2. These are just a few examples. In the years to come, it will be proven that all diseases are caused by DNA damages, which is really the only logical explanation.