1. All diseases are essentially linked to blocked, damaged, mutated or deleted (genes).

2. Every individual is born with DNA damages of varying amounts.

They are inherited. New damages are added in a lifetime. Radiation and toxins create DNA-damages. These toxins include environmental toxins, food additives, pharmaceuticals, stress, depression and toxins from pathogens.

3. DNA damages mean: The body is run through an interconnected network of messages and responses to messages. Enzymes run the message transference. Instead of a network of cables like the telephone system, the body uses enzymes (hormones, proteins, catalysts, and transmitters).

When there is no message there is no enzyme. When there is a wrong message there is a wrong and useless enzyme. A deleted gene cannot give a message, a mutated gene sends the wrong message. There are always many defect genes/base pairs and therefore many enzymes are missing.

The result of this is a changed internal environment where pathogens (fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites) find their proper breeding ground. These pathogens are living organisms that need a source of nutrition. Pathogens feed and eliminate waste products in our body like any other living organism. They deplete the body of certain nutrients, and produce toxins. Toxins in turn create DNA-damages; a vicious cycle begins. The larger the variety and amount of pathogens in the body, the more types and amounts of toxins are released. The more toxins there are in the body, the weaker and less resistant the body gets. A patient’s vicious cycle will be named a particular disease or syndrome, depending on what symptoms develop. The symptoms, the last outcome of the DNA-damages such as tumors, skin eruptions and arthritis are targeted by conventional medicine.

The environment around us is full of microbes. Scientists estimate the amount of microbes at 1.5 billion. Nothing is entirely sterile. We must be able to live in a symbiosis with these microbes without getting infected. Some microbes, such as intestinal bacteria, are part of the body. The defense system (immune system) is the back-up system when the body is out of balance and foreign pathogens invade the body. Smart and tricky mutated pathogens are able to bypass the defense system. They are “invisible” to the immune system and are therefore not attacked by it.

When our DNA is damaged (enzymes are therefore missing), the internal environment changes and pathogens grow. Pathogens also can grow when our natural microbes (the good bacteria are missing), for example, antibiotics might not only kill selected bacteria, but also the good microbes throughout the body.